As I identify the purpose and/or intention for “Wind River Ranch”, I’ve discovered the nature of my personal myth and the understanding of my spirit with a willingness to seek new vision, looking for a deeper meaning, as I have many times throughout my life. To receive a vision is to be responsible to that vision. Fulfilment of spiritual purpose received through vision is rarely an easy or straightforward path.
The universe exists in its own unimaginably complex rhythm and balance, contributing freely to our spirituality and requiring balance as its only return. What that means in practical terms is that those who participate in traditional tribal vision-seeking, never pray for themselves alone, but for the People: the tribe, the nation, the animals, the plants and the blessed spirits. A successful vision is not a vision seen or even comprehended; it is a vision made manifest in the world, leading to practical physical changes in the lives of individuals and, by association, others and the world.
We have access to everything the world has known,if we can learn to listen to the stones and the stories they have to tell, if we hear the winds speak who have been everywhere and heard everything since the beginning of time. The universal world will always provide vision, if we allow ourselves to be alone, then open our eyes and look, as if for the first time, at what has been around us all along.
By my choice and willingness to listen to the “land”, I can become native again, ceasing to uphold the separation between myself and the land, refinding my reverence and respect for it, allowing it to become as intrinsic to my spirituality as my compassion for other human beings, I may find myself short of the tools necessary for what that means. Visions are moments of comprehension, when everything in ourselves and our world, just for a second, makes sense. The Earth cannot discern borders between nations, races, species and life-forms, between animate and inanimate, between form and spirit. It is when we forget these distinctions that we open ourselves to VISION.
Visions contain an essential purity of intent, not to inspire revolution, but to awaken change, not to argue for the destruction of existing forms, but to inspire the creation of new forms. When we really begin to understand ourselves as part of a planet which is a living being, becoming the Earth’s voice may mean speaking for the parts that have no voices or legal rights – the rain forests, the atmosphere, the endangered creatures.

My Vision, quite simply, is to continue being a “VOICE for wildlife”…
Through artwork, writing, poetry, videos and photography, with a little help from my friends!

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