Friends of WRR Wildlife

From the time of our arrival here in Fall 2006, my husband, Lynn was the main financial supporter of the ranches upkeep and conservation efforts, on his simple Social Security income. Since his death, in March 2010, income was lost and the support was maintained through the amazing consistency and compassion of a few “REALLY GOOD PEOPLE”, who did not want to see this place lost…

It has been extremely challenging to maintain and keep this place running, however with the generous contributions from the people listed below, there is hope for the future of Wind River Wildlife being sustained and protected…


Mark & Celeste Skidmore (web design/moral support) – Springfield, Missouri
Michael Daube (financial/moral support) – Florida
Chris Long/Kristine Loomis (financial/moral support) – California
Mark & Robyn Norland (financial/upkeep & moral support) – Tri-Cities, Washington
Wayne & Rose Williams (financial/moral support) – Gainesville, Florida
Marsha McLaren (finacial/moral support) – Divide, Colorado
David & Calleen Smothers (financial/moral support) – Utah
Phyllis Stevenson (financial support) – Wisconsin
William & Pamela Eve (labor, financial & moral support) – Naches, Washington
Nancy Milhous (financial, familial & moral support) – California
Stephen, Katie, Jessica & Anna Ulmer (labor, financial & moral support) – Naches, Washington
Michael & Sharon Riedy (financial support) – Seattle, Washington
Gary Young & Judy Zazzaro (labor, financial & moral support) – Naches, Washington
Robin Monroe (financial & moral support) – Indianapolis, Indiana
Michael & Sharon Riedy (labor & financial support) – Seattle, WA

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