All Our Relations

“All our Relations” is an understanding and deep aboriginal belief that the Earth is not just a planet inhabited by plants, animals and people, but a living being and that everything we do, our entire human history, is as much a part of the natural movement of the Earth as the migrations of birds and the eruptions of volcanoes.
Respect and preservation for the myths and wisdom of the Earth is as necessary to the health of our stable human system as diversity is crucial to a stable ecological system. Everything we are belongs to the Earth, so everything we discover and create is part of Earth’s great abundance.
All our Relations includes the “Standing Beings” or trees; the “recordkeepers” or stones/rocks; the “Winged Ones” or flying creatures/birds; the “Clawed Beings” or predator mammals; the “Hoofed Beings” or beasts of burden; the “Finned Beings” or aquatic creatures; the “Crawling Beings” or reptilian species and insects; the “Two-leggeds” or humans; Mother Earth; Father Sky; Grandfather Sun; Grandmother Moon; the Great Star Nation; and Great Mystery. All ONE within our Universe!

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